The Korea Herald, 2018-present

Here are a few articles I’ve contributed to the paper in recent years. I learned a lot researching them and was happy to get some work out there. Of course my opinions don’t represent the paper.

Korea’s vegan scene, through eyes of an expat (2019)

You can also read the PDF version of this article on Issuu (Page 1, Page 2).

How does saju experience measure up? (my trip to a Korean traditional fortuneteller in early 2019)

Homeless animals in Korea: Finding homes for those who fall through the cracks (2018)

Groove Korea, 2014-2015

I had a few chances to work with Groove Korea’s team on a part-time, unpaid basis in between other commitments. It was great to work with such a talented editing team, and the magazine also provided a lot of support (e.g., additional reporting by Korean contributors) so I could get stories that otherwise would have been out of reach.

Unfortunately, the magazine seems to have revamped its website and decided not to display older content. Its back issues seem to be viewable only on another platform, Issuu.

From apathy to empathy? The uneven progress of Korea’s animal protection movement (October 2015)

Yiombi Thona profile (February 2015, a special issue about 100 expats who made a difference in Korea)

Breaking the silence around abuse (for Groove’s special women’s issue in May 2014)

Earlier articles: Daejeon shelter crisis and animal rescue efforts

In past years I contributed occasional articles to Animal Rescue Korea, The Korea Herald and other publications as a freelancer. Some of my work is no longer online, but here are two articles that deal with the Daejeon shelter crisis and its aftermath.

Korea’s forgotten national treasures, Animal Rescue Korea website, 2011 (PDF)

The ‘Daejeon 150’ down to the ‘Asan 70,’ The Korea Herald, 2009 (PDF)

I also mention the Daejeon shelter on my dog’s memorial website, Beautiful Tiny Princess.


For part of 2015 I was Groove Korea’s travel editor. Again, this was part-time, unpaid work that I had to balance with other things. Unfortunately I couldn’t continue in the role for very long, but working with these talented writers and photographers (plus one illustrator) was a valuable experience. 

April issue, Christine Pickering in Vietnam

May issue, Yoki Suhyun Jeong in Cuba

June issue, Alex Nems in Indonesia

July issue, Christine Pickering in Cambodia

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