As a Canadian who ended up living in Korea long-term, I started this blog to highlight stories that resonate with me and might resonate with other foreigners in Korea. It reflects topics I’m interested in, such as animal rights, human rights and finding lost animals. What ties it together is the presence of passionate, inspiring people who are doing amazing things for the community. Because I have a full-time job and write on the side, I’m building this blog at a much slower pace than I’d like.

Some people have asked about the visuals on this site. Most are just cellphone photos that I’ve run through filtering software to give them a fancier look. A few others aren’t mine and have been used with the creators’ permission, such as Adam Czelusta’s photo of human rights activist Yiombi Thona. 

The blogger
That’s me a couple of years ago in front of the War and Women’s Human Rights Museum in Seoul. Definitely, anyone visiting or living in Korea should make time for a visit. The photo was taken by a volunteer guide.

My cat Jellybean
That’s my cat Jellybean and one of our old neighborhoods in a collage I put together on my phone. Jellybean and my other furkids may come up in future blog posts.

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