This blog is a do-over after many failed attempts. I loved the look of my first blog, an old Blogspirit site circa 2009, but no matter how much work I put in I wasn’t happy with my posts. Then I lost access to that blog, which meant losing a nice photo gallery and a record of my early attempts at blogging. A decade later, I really wish I could read through my old posts and see if any were salvageable. 

After Blogspirit I moved to WordPress, and after using Bluehost and Wix for a while I’m getting a new start with WordPress.  

It’s taken much longer than I intended to get this site up and running. I moved apartments three times in 2018, and each time this blog project fell further and further behind. On the other hand, I also changed jobs and got my residency status in Korea after a grueling process that took more than a year. 

My hopes for this blog are to get my thoughts down on topics I’m interested in—especially things like animal rights, human rights, veganism, furbaby rescue, and the life and times of current and former Korea expats. It’s still in the embryonic phase, and building it up is going to take time.

So here it is. Thanks for being here. Welcome to my new online home.

My cat Jellybean